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A project planning software offers the ideal support for a reliable and efficient distribution of tasks within a project. In plant and mechanical engineering as well as in the automotive industry, project management consists of many individual steps and components. These require a precise process for completion on time, in order to save costs and to translate all project content into tasks at an early stage. The challenge in automotive plant engineering is to combine the different production assembly steps in one plan and thus to adapt the entire project planning individually to the user's needs. Furthermore, the integration of all project participants with their individual tasks and structures is an elementary part of planning. For this reason, the use of COMAN's intelligent project management software is a time and cost effective solution for the implementation of your project. Among other things, it allows the operational organisation of all important information and project data as well as the recording of analyses and real-time reporting.

Project planning software: planning and implementation phase

The use of a project planning software supports the user in the execution of projects and takes into account the respective phases of a project. Project planning begins in the preparation phase, which leads into the initiation phase and continues with the planning phase. This is followed by the control phase and ends with the completion of the project. The transition between the planning and implementation phases is in most cases fluid and can be controlled in a targeted manner by a corresponding project management tool. With COMAN, there is usually a "digital gap" between the planning and the transition phase when transporting the digital planning data to the construction site. There they are analogised or printed out for further use.

A project management software already starts in the first planning steps and leads the project with configured solutions into the implementation phase, in which the applications provide support. Among other things, the project planning software can be used to define every single pre-defined goal that must be achieved within a certain period of time. Furthermore, various customisation options are available to optimise the planning. The integration of all departments and processes involved and the design of a comprehensive time schedule are two possible advantages that impress by using a project management software. The project phases can be controlled by a suitable software and can be combined to an optimised schedule. In this way, both costs can be reduced and a project can generally be better structured. This makes processes more effective, allowing machines and plants to be set up in a shorter time interval.

Project management software: support in automotive plant engineering

In most cases, the great difficulty within the planning and implementation phase is the high complexity of the project. Especially in automotive plant engineering, several goals are set to achieve the final result, which have to be realised in the individual production steps. If all the requirements are entered manually, errors and misjudgements can often occur in the planning phase. These have a significant impact on the course of the project planning. Incorrectly recognised or unrecognised risks as well as missing strategies prevent the planned achievement of the project objectives. Using project management software, the tasks are compiled in a clearly structured way and organised for all employees in the implementation phase.

In very few cases, good planning is equivalent with good implementation, if project management is carried out without the perfectly suitable software. Project tracking software allows the user to record the goals, requirements and conditions defined in the planning phase at any point in the project. The fulfilment of the individual subtasks is transferred into a time frame and is precisely documented with the help of prepared project and time schedules and reports. The project implementation is coordinated and targeted under these conditions. The project tracking software supports the tasks of the project planning software and helps the team to keep to the schedule.

Conclusion: successful project tracking with project management software from COMAN

A project management and tracking software offers the user a number of advantages. These include the comprehensive customisation options, which allow the project to be precisely recorded and planned for each work step. The data is updated in each planning phase and allows a detailed overview of the tasks still to be completed and those already completed. A project planning software reduces the occurrence of errors and can lower the costs of the individual production parts. Furthermore, well thought-out planning gives the company a competitive advantage by making projects more efficient and completing them faster. Project tracking software tracks the individual steps of project planning and thus also supports implementation. Good implementation software can therefore also mean good planning software if the potential for this is exploited in the implementation phase.

COMAN's project tracking software provides a wide range of services via the product landscape. With the applications, project planning can be tracked in every production phase and a flexible response to innovations can be made. COMAN Software takes over the implementation after the planning phase is complete and coordinates the order within the software in every detail.

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