Project management tool with heart: with COMAN’s Manager towards project success

The Manager is the heart of COMAN and the most important tool for a project. Here you can find out what makes the Manager tick.




As the most important project management tool, the COMAN Manager is the heart of our software. It is connected to all other applications from our product landscape and thus distributes relevant information to the project participants. At the same time, the information comes together in the Manager in the opposite way – it is therefore the centre of the entire project progress, via which key users, administrators and project or site managers access the project. Read here which roles the Manager fulfils and how it contributes to the success of the project.

COMAN’s Manager as the central organ of project management software for mechanical and plant engineering

A project management software with the functional scope of COMAN needs a sensible structure in order to be as versatile and efficient as possible. Therefore, we have distributed the functions of our project management solution over a product landscape with different applications, each of which fulfils different tasks in the hands of your employees. This network of installations and devices in turn needs an organising hand – this is where the Manager comes in, running on desktop PCs and laptops.

COMAN Manager allows its users complete insight into the steps of work that have been carried out, so it is the perfect tool for a detailed examination of the project's progress. At the same time, COMAN's administrative functions run via the Manager. Users can set up and distribute roles, regulate access for staff and register guest users, for example from external service providers. In short: the Manager is the contact point for everything that happens around a project.

COMAN Manager: the heart of the project

If a project were a body, then the Manager would be its beating heart. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower, but never out of sync, it beats beneath the surface, making coordinated project progress possible in the first place. The Manager benefits from the possibility to update the project status in real time and from the coordination with the other devices and applications to which corresponding tasks or messages can be sent. This also works the other way round: if a problem occurs in quality assurance, the LoP app sends a report of the defect directly to the person responsible. At the same time, the process is displayed in the manager and ticked off once it has been rectified. This creates a seamless documentation and communication chain.

The users of the manager maintain an overview thanks to the visualisation of the project progress through Smart Objects, among others. This method is based on the original CAD plans for the project: a part or an assembly is assigned an interactive area in which, among other things, progress and parts requirements are noted. Depending on the current situation, the area turns red or green, for example. The Manager allows its users to access all this data, which arrives from the numerous compatible interfaces with other programmes. The end result is a reliable, uniform system in which there are no secrets thanks to clear colour and symbol language.

In addition to all these useful functions for daily work, the Manager also summarises project progress in the form of reports. If, for example, a quick overview is needed, the relevant data is summarised in one or more documents. The option of setting digital signatures also handles official processes quickly and reliably. This eliminates the need for paper printouts.

COMAN Manager: advanced project management tool facilitates digitalisation in the industry

An advanced project management tool like the COMAN Manager is worth its weight in gold for large projects in the mechanical and plant engineering industry. The use of software in the construction of machines and plants, for example, is made much easier by COMAN's networked system, which was previously a point where the industry tended to weaken. Thanks to the modern technology, links and dependencies in particular can be displayed better, which ultimately benefits everyone involved as well as the project itself. In addition, the manager opens up new possibilities for integrating programmes, which also benefits the organisation.

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