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A good project management software is of great importance for project coordination in plant construction and mechanical engineering. Especially for extensive projects, as they often occur in the automotive sector, the quality of project management can make the difference. Part of the project management is the defect management, which can also be recorded by software. Many construction steps are interlinked and are associated with each other. If defects are recorded rapidly and quickly corrected, the effects on the general construction progress are reduced. Apps for the construction site, which transfer project management and defect management directly to the place of action, are extremely helpful for this purpose.

Project management and defect management software for the construction site

Apps for mobile phones with project management and defect management software improve the display of progress on the construction site. The recording of progress and defects is displayed more quickly and accurately and is forwarded to the responsible parties. The apps are thus integrated into the overall project tracking. These are four of its most important functions:

Tracking on site

On-site tracking is the function that is most important in apps for the construction site. Especially the handling of defects allows modern technology to show its strengths: If a problem is detected, the correction can be started immediately. The installation on mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, allows an exact recording through image and video recordings, in addition to the description of the problem. In the app, the measures to be taken can be directly assigned to the persons responsible. If the problem has been successfully resolved, the process can be checked again on site and accordingly completed.

Offline capability

Construction sites for mechanical and plant engineering are often located deep inside factory buildings. Mobile phone reception or network connection is therefore not always given. Respectively, it is important to have an application that reliably fulfills its function for project management in plant construction even without a connection to the outside world.
Nothing would be more annoying than a carefully filled out protocol that gets lost because there was no internet connection and nothing could be uploaded. Local storage on the respective device is therefore particularly important – the file is saved and forwarded as soon as a corresponding connection is established.

Intuitive operation

The more the user interface is easy to understand, the better it is to work with. This simple calculation should be the guiding principle for a construction site app. If images and videos can be easily integrated and each field on the screen has a clearly visible function, progress and defect tracking with the software is much faster from the first moment.


The processes and structures in defect management are different in every company. A flexible defect management software that can be adapted to the corresponding processes is a clear advantage in terms of adopting familiar working methods and getting used to them quickly. This is especially the case for the application via an app, which should offer clear advantages in terms of usability and speed.

Project management and defect management: software for the overview

Integrating the apps for project management and defect management into a software solution is a wise decision from which all parties involved benefit. At COMAN, the apps for progress tracking (mobile) and defect tracking (LoP – list of open points) are an essential part of the product world, to which other specialised applications also belong.

This integration makes it possible to precisely record the effects of a delay on the entire construction progress. The consequences become visible in the software and contribute to fast decision making. Data no longer have to be picked out separately and painstakingly compiled by hand in order to get an overview – they are already part of COMAN and are included in the presentation of progress. The recording of progress as well as defects and their rectification via apps thus becomes an indispensable part of project management.

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