Mechanical engineering: software offers ideal overview

In mechanical engineering, software improves the implementation of large-scale projects through clarity and adaptability. Learn more here.




In large-scale mechanical engineering projects, software solutions that provide detailed information on the progress of a project can be of decisive importance. For the end user the software ought to represent a recognisable added value with the tasks required in mechanical engineering. This increases both the acceptance of the product and the final benefit for all parties involved in the project. Information is transmitted via various applications on different devices, from desktop PCs and laptops to tablets and smartphones.

Because of the complexities involved in mechanical engineering, programmes like COMAN Manager should make use of an intuitive user interface. Processes are visualised by means of easily recognisable symbols and colour schemes that show priority tasks as well as any delays in one or more areas of the project. Our software for use in mechanical engineering thus reliably records the complexities involved and clearly displays the dependencies between individual steps and trades. This facilitates the coordination and communication between different project parts and minimises the error potential at key points.


Mechanical engineering: use of software supports overall organisation

For mechanical engineering projects, a software that was crafted with a clear design approach and presents interrelationships, rights, and roles in a way that is understandable for everyone is a huge boon. Thus, its tasks include breaking down complex processes for the end user, precisely defining access rights and regulating project participants’ access to areas and functions of the software. At the same time, individual progress should remain transparent.

Responsibilities can get entangled or altogether lost in large projects for a variety of reasons. Frequently, errors in the follow-up are caused by unclear structures or a lack of communication beforehand. For the purposes of mechanical engineering, our software stresses the value of individual responsibility. It is therefore much easier to see which actor performed and entered which action at what time. The recorded data is created in an audit-proof manner and ensures both immediate and retrospective traceability.

Our software has a special Dashboard application with which decision-makers and managers can remain informed at all times. Project data can be output and displayed in various file formats or be shown directly within the software. The current status of a project can thus be determined with just a few button presses.

Software compatibility for mechanical engineering tools

Our software supports numerous interfaces to other software tools. This allows service providers or other players to work with their usual mechanical engineering programmes and tools. At the same time, the overall project benefits from the advantages of our particular solution, which collects all relevant project information in one place and makes it available for inspection. Thanks to the various interface options, lists of dates or parts that are stored in a different software programme are automatically available to work with in COMAN.

The constant flow of information is of utmost importance for the success of large-scale projects in the field of mechanical engineering, as dependencies between different project parts have to be accounted for. This makes it all the more important that new and updated data points arrive reliably on the corresponding servers, a task that is sometimes made more difficult by the fact that such projects tend to take place in locations where data transfer via network connections is only possible to a limited extent or not at all. If this is the case, the data is first securely stored locally. If a secure connection is subsequently re-established, the data is transferred thanks to real-time synchronisation and is then made available to all project participants with the appropriate access rights. In this way, the potential for delays and errors is minimised.


Summed up: the mechanical engineering advantages of our software solution

COMAN offers a customisable mechanical engineering software solution fit for large-scale projects that provides numerous advantages. A clear display of project progress provides real added value – current data from the site can be transmitted via various channels while a Dashboard display summarises progress for senior staff.

Dependencies are visualised and data is stored in an audit-proof manner, which minimises the potential for error and at the same time facilitates better analysis. Interfaces to other programmes shorten the familiarisation period and at the same time make data available through our range of supporting products. Real-time synchronisation secures all data and inputs. Thus, COMAN aims to provide a complete picture of all processes within a project as quickly as possible.

In short: where many parts need to come together smoothly, COMAN is the right partner for you.

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