Mastering sustainable project management in mechanical and plant engineering

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Sustainable project management in mechanical and plant engineering is a significant issue when it comes to the future direction of the industry. In this case, sustainability refers to the most effective use of resources in the present while at the same time creating opportunities for the future. One point that can be addressed here is digitization. Both this very idea of sustainability itself and the effects of the corona pandemic play a role here – less wasteful use of resources leads to cost savings and streamlining of certain processes.

Designing sustainable project management with tools

Digital project management tools are a valuable support, especially in complex projects such as those frequently encountered in mechanical and plant engineering. While every project is unique, it is by no means necessary to reinvent the wheel every time. With the digital support of project management software, ways can be found to optimize previous structures, to retain them and, if necessary, to adapt them to individual projects. Ultimately, the sustainability concept also benefits from this work, which, among other things, should lead to greater effectiveness at lower costs. Achieving this change and then maintaining it permanently is the key to success here.

With software-supported project management in mechanical and plant engineering, it is possible to record precisely how resources can best be used in the present. The lessons learned simultaneously form the basis for future success. If the entire project management team knows what they are working towards and how they are supposed to work, this also strengthens the project as a whole.

Sustainable project management: COMAN for mechanical and plant engineering

To implement sustainable project management in mechanical and plant engineering, choosing the right software is an important step. Companies concerned should therefore carefully consider which software suits them. A good fit quite automatically offers new opportunities and has the potential to raise the entire work to a new, higher level

Project management software such as COMAN allows the project to be viewed both in its individual structural parts and in its entirety. Different applications for various purposes and a detailed specification and evaluation of data enable the project participants to take action exactly where it is needed. The result is a goal-oriented workflow, including communication, which is directed towards one major goal: the ultimate success of the project.

With the help of COMAN it is, for example, possible to quickly and accurately view which parts or assemblies have been completed, are behind schedule, or are still pending processing. The data collected via many interfaces is assigned, graphically prepared on the basis of the original CAD data and can be viewed by project participants with the appropriate authorizations. This function is called Smart Objects – intelligent assemblies and parts that display their own status based on the available data. The perpetual switch between different software solutions or formats is therefore no longer necessary. The centralized depiction in COMAN means that workers only need to know one software – an important step towards a more homogeneous way of working, which ultimately promotes sustainability according to the criteria mentioned as well.

Using software to maximize the return on your own resources and at the same time to create the basis for future development – this is the vision for sustainable project management in mechanical and plant engineering. When will you take the step into the future?

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